Restaurants In The Villages Florida That Serve Up Great Food And A Great Experience

The Villages in Florida is a nice area, full of great restaurants. Have you ever been to Johnny Rockets? I know, it’s a chain, but it’s a great restaurant of course. It is one that is in that area, and it is located at 976 Old Mill Run. It is an excellent choice for a delicious burger and fries. Now let’s look at four more restaurants that you can visit as you get ready to travel around The Villages FL.

Cane Garden is another popular restaurant located at 1726 Bailey Trail in The Villages. This establishment serves up so many different types of dishes and great foods, such as corned beef and cabbage, prime rib, lobster bisque and a whitefish sandwich. It is a surf and turf extravaganza at Cane Garden. Pizza and many other favorites are also on the menu there.

Red Sauce is located at 1000 Canal Street in The Villages FL. Dine outdoors in downtown Sumter Landing, and witness the dueling pianos as you est some delicious Italian food. The salmon is also a favorite, as is the beet salad. This establishment also features a great bar if you want to have a drink.

Square 1 is also a top restaurant to pick and enjoy a meal while in The Villages. This establishment is located at 2542 Burnsed Boulevard, and it is another great place to enjoy a burger, like Johnny Rockets. It is always time for a burger, don’t you agree? Egg rolls, hot chili and all kinds of delicious foods also make the menu highlights. Square 1 also features a nice upbeat atmosphere according to the reviews.

There is time to feature one more restaurant in this area, and I am going to go with City Fire. City Fire is located at 1018 Canal Street, and it is all about the flatbreads, sliders, salmon and more. One of the favorites is a margarita flatbread. City Fire is also said to feature an upbeat atmosphere and a nice bar, just like Square 1.

You are going to find some great meals in The Villages for sure. Get ready to enjoy delicious burgers, surf and turf, flatbreads and so much more. This area of the Sunshine State has a ton of great restaurants for dining out, and they are known for serving up the whole experience, not just great food. Enjoy all that The Villages has to offer you and your family.